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Super Bowl 2014 Events: Kids Take Center Stage At Opening Of Jersey City Football Fashion Week

This year's Miss New Jersey USA, Emily Shah, attended the event and said she was excited about the Super Bowl bringing the area so much attention. "I was really lucky to be able to represent New Jersey and have all these Super Bowl events coming here," she said. "I feel so blessed that this was the year that I got to reign and it's happening all in the same year." Jackson said she was pleased with how opening night of the supplementary installment of Jersey City Fashion week, which is usually only held once annually, turned out, and hoped it would be an indicator of the success of the rest of the series, which runs until Saturday. "I'm happy with the turnout, the parents who came out, the kids who came out and the people who supported it.

Are meggings coming to everyday men's fashion?

(Photo: Courtesy of The Sartorialist) On the runway, leggings have been used more as a "styling touch, not something to be taken literally," said Wendell Brown, senior fashion editor at Esquire magazine. Men already wear leggings to work out, but there are glimpses of leggings in street wear. "They were put out as a scientific fabric that can breathe, which is why I think guys felt comfortable about it," said Scott Schuman, founder of the fashion blog The Sartorialist . Schuman said he sees men from the "avant-garde scene" wearing leggings under shorts.

A Profitable Love Affair: Fashion And Art

The torrid love affair, as some fashionistas are calling the art/couture fusion, is a la mode and very profitable for cultural institutions and fashion houses and not just in Paris. Fashion exhibits are mushrooming at museums everywhere, some of them specialized in fashion but many more curating collections and exhibits that generally break records in attendance, despite some controversy over the distinction between historic and artistic value and state or privately sponsored advertising. The Grand Palais in Paris, that iconic artexhibition center and museum complex, has become the habitual showplace for the house of Chanel which had its show on Tuesday, to rave reviews. Also in the Grand Palais, until February 16, is the exhibition Cartier:Style and History , a social and artistic statement of the times, displaying more than 600 pieces of jewelry by the famous French house, jaket jepang from its beginning in 1847 until the 1970s. Undaunted by wars, economic depression and upheaval, the exhibition reveals that when the going gets tough, the worlds royals, heiresses, socialites, bankers wives, celebrities and even maharajas get shopping for sparklers, wrote The Telegraph in its review. Among others, the show includes the diamond tiara that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, wore at her wedding with Prince William in 2011, originally made in 1936 for then-Princess, now-Queen Elizabeth.

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